Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Garden Paths

I was never really into gardening growing up, but after moving to an apartment which doesn't have so much as a balcony, I began to want one, badly. I was looking through a Veranda magazine a few weeks ago and found this:

I know it's very intentional, but it looks like a slightly dilapidated path in an overgrown garden, maybe on the edge of the sea. Anyway, it's dreamy and I am in love with it, and it inspired me to perform a google search. Here are a few more fabulous garden paths:

The previous two are also from Veranda. Maybe I just agree with the esthetic of some garden editor over there. 
I love the little detail of this next one. The landscaper could have just put big flagstones, but the detail really brings it to a new level

And speaking of detail:

Holy crap, right? That must have taken ages! And if you look closely, they look like river rocks, not any kind of traditional mosaic tile.

And one last natural beauty. I love the tall trees behind the bench.

I may need to find some local garden to explore now.

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