Sunday, June 19, 2011


I'm loving the idea of salvaged or reclaimed wood in floors and furniture. On a recent trip to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, I saw among the acres of gorgeous forest expanses of clear-cut stumps. Now, I understand lumber is a valuable commodity, and it's probably the number one industry on the Peninsula (if Twilight hasn't taken over) but it's painful to see those scars on the hillside. And what happens to wood from barns and other buildings after they're torn down? I love the idea of re-purposing it for furniture, floors and walls, and ...Vespas?

I'm sort of seriously in love with this wall, including the little paper mache rhino head. I need a headboard for my bed, and I think a mini-version of this would do nicely. Now, how to make a free-standing version, because I'm pretty sure the landlord wouldn't totally go for me nailing it into the wall...

Oh wait, here's an entire slideshow of reclaimed wood headboards. Number 9 is my favorite (the whole room, including the antler jewelry hanger, which officially makes me the worst vegetarian ever), and since it's just a wooden pallet, it would be so easy! Costco wouldn't notice if I made off with a pallet from behind the store, would they?

And if I didn't want a Vespa badly enough already....

And one last little treasure: Reclaimed wood doesn't have to be used for big construction projects as evidenced by this absolute gem.

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